Story Telling and Journalism

Eleni Panayiotou

The essentials of storytelling, how to craft and deliver relevant and memorable stories that communicate a message. Workshop participants are supported to learn about basic ethical principles applied in journalism, how to recognise fake news and discover the facts, how to apply the correct judgement for every story, how to ensure one’s reporting is accurate, independent and respectful.


Mobile Journalism (MOJO)

Eleni Panayiotou

What is MOJO? Why have people, journalists, media co-operations turned to MOJO? What are the benefits? Why is it important and what should we look out for? We explore examples of Mobile Journalism in photography, television and radio by learning about:


An introduction to Investigative journalism

Eleni Panayiotou & Katerina Oikonomakou

What is investigative journalism? Investigative journalism is finding, reporting and presenting news which other people try to hide. It is very similar to standard news reporting, except that the people at the centre of the story will usually not help you and may even try to stop you doing your job. The job of journalists is to let people know what is going on in the community, the society and the world around them.


Effective use of social media

Eleni Panayiotou

Social media platforms continue to emerge as essential newsgathering tools. These mediums offer exciting opportunities for reporters to collect information and for news organizations to expand the reach of their content, but they also carry challenges and risks.
• Which are platforms do we use?
• Why do we use them?
• Who uses which platform?
• Does it make a difference which social media platform you should use and for what?